About AKAM

AKAM (Association of Korean American Medical Graduates) is a volunteer organization of Korean-American physicians

who are interested in the health issues that affect the Korean-American community.  


Over the past decade, a generation of ethnically Korean physicians educated in the United States has matured, and

developed expertise in different medical specialties.  Our members are physicians who share a common heritage,

as well as physicians who recognize the specific health-related needs of this community.  


Based in New York and New Jersey, we sponsor community outreach events, physician networking events,

as well as community-based research and scholarships for Korean-American medical students.


Our website has been designed to help other physicians and patients in New York and New Jersey to find each other.  

In addition, we have included monthly health-related articles as well as notifications of recent AKAM events.  


Thank you for visiting our site.  


Please let us know what we can do to improve the website.


AKAM Officers